Tuesday, 22 September 2015


                  The main attraction in Mavoothu is the velappar Temple. This holy shrine is situated in the Varushanad hill ranges, 20 kms from Andipatti. Nestling among the hills, the temple is atop a peak, sorrounded by natural vegetation, Transport is available upto the foothills only. Rainwater gathers around the mango trees near this temple and flows downhill in torrents. This has given the place the "Mavoothu" which in Tamil stands for "Spring of the mango grove". This place has a perennial water source.

                           The main deity(idol)of this temple was discovered by the local tribes called "Paliyars" while the temple was constructed by kandamanur Zamindar. The temple has shrines of Vinayaka and Saptakannikas.

                             It is believed that a ritual bath in the spring and eating food cooked in the water will cure the incurable diseases.

Important Festivals:

                    Adi Amavasya (Blue Moon) and Thai Amavasya are celebrated with gaiety.
There is also an annual festival in the month of chithirai.

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